19 Aug

Learn how to act after a car accident

More of 5 million of car accidents happen every year in the US. Many of these accidents involve most of it only auto body damage but one in every three car accidents one person gets injured. 1) Don’t keep driving: Learn that is important that you never leave the place of the accident. 2) Avoid disasters: Prevent other vehicles from crashing with you or the other car by placing emergency lights around it like flashers. 0982photo3) Reach the police: Maybe there is not serious injuries, but it’s good to call the police this way you have a record to show your insurance company that the accident was real. 4) When the law enforcement arrives at the scene make sure that you mention how everything happened. 5) Take lots of photos: These days we all carry a phone with a camera integrated, use it to take pictures of the front and back side of the car but never interfere with the police that it’s going on at the place. If possible take photos right after the accident. 6) Information exchange with the other driver – license (if you can take a photo of this do it ) license plate , telephone number and address. 7) Report the accident – This part can get a little frustrating because you have to deal directly with your insurance company however there is companies like AP Auto Body in san diego that will take care of this process from the beginning to and end. These types of companies will reach out to your insurance company to start the claim and deliver the car to you as better as it was before. 8) Consult your doctor- Some injuries caused by auto accidents are noticeable right away. Most people report pain after one or two days of the day of the accident.