19 Aug

The era of Digital Podiums it’s here !

Old were the times for regular valet podiums. 9982vWe are in 2016 and having just a plain valet podium outside of your restaurant, company, car dealer or whatever business you run valet it’s basic. You need a valet podium that uses the latest in technology. Digiads Inc. located in the city of San Diego introduced a new platform of digital podiums allowing business owners to take their place and advertising to the next level. Amazing huh! Yes! How does it work? Well the valet podium consists of three different screens one on the front and two on the sides running ads simultaneously. ┬áThe beautiful part of this is that everything is digital and you don’t need to place a usb stick to to transfer the information to them. Digiads have a center of specialized people that will receive the information provided by the customer and upload it through a wifi network that will connect with the digital podium. Other of the benefits it’s that this valet contains internal battery that will let you place them anywhere you would like. Have an upcoming event? Have a promotion coming? Need to expose a new product to your people walking by your business? Then this digital valet podium will work great for you!

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