15 Nov

The advantage of the digital platforms

Our unfair advantage comes from 15 years of experience in the valet parking industry along with 20+ years of fabrication and business knowledge. This includes the utilization of valet parking experience and relationships as well as management of employees in achieving success via obtaining our goals and objectives as a team. Our new platform of advertisement allows national advertising companies to reach demographics of consumers which have been extremely difficult to reach before. In addition to our highly skilled management team, we are the first and sole creators of this new advertisement platform and have an opportunity to flood the market with our product.

These valet parking podiumĀ may be used in many different applications dependent on our customers needs. We offer a variety of podiums which consist of standard and industrial sizes for all applications such as restaurants, bars, night clubs, hospitals, hotels, retail stores, business functions, auto dealers, etc. We have the capabilities of making custom podiums for custom applications and pricing will vary according to design.

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